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Do you hate the windows 10 update reminders ?

Microsoft has been bugging users about getting Windows 10. A lot of us do not want windows 10. Microsoft can upgrade you without your permission. I don’t know about you but, this is wrong. Click here to download gwx control panel. You can turn off the reminders. You can alsoRead More »

Matching emails on all your devices

Many of us view our email on multiple devices. The easiest way to see the same emails wherever we are is to set them all as IMAP. If you have your desktop as pop3 and your smartphone as imap, you will have to do double deletions. Imap and pop3 behaveRead More »

What’s my computer worth ?

How much is your computer worth ? practically nothing. Sounds strange. Hard drives, motherboard, power supplies, software can all be replaced. What makes your computer of any value to you is your data (word, excel, accounting, pictures etc). Protecting that data requires data backup. Once your hard drive (including solidRead More »

Ransomware (wannacry) and avoiding it.

Here are specific ways to protect yourself and your computer from ransomware. Even if you have all the right technical safeguards (such as antivirus software, spam filters and firewalls) in place on a customer’s system, they can still fall victim to ransomware. All it takes is one person to accidentallyRead More »