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What is the first software you install on a new computer ?

The first software you install after you have setup the operating system is Anti Virus. Why? A new machine is bare to to internet. Nothing to stop malware and viruses from infecting your computer. Many software installations require you to go to the browser and install from their server. PartRead More »

Don’t Forget to Create Your Recovery Disks

Older computers were shipped with the system or recovery disks. These are disks that repaired or reinstalled your operating disks. New computers do not come with the recovery or operating system disks. These must be created before you have a problem with your computer. Most computers will start showing signsRead More »

Protect your laptop

There are several common failure items on your laptop. One is your power plug. The part that is in the laptop. It is only soldered in general. Treat it gently. The solder joints break and you cannot charge the batteries anymore. Some times it will crack the motherboard which meansRead More »

Preventing Computer Disasters

Your computer typically doesn’t just fail. It will give you hints. For example runs slower, makes noises it didn’t before, freezes. These are indications something has changed and not for the good. Recently had a customer who heard ticking coming from the hard drive. Let it go for over aRead More »

What to do with your old computer

Have old computers hanging around ? The worst thing you can do is simply throw it to the curb. The only readable data is on the hard drive. First thing to do is to remove the hard drive. Recycle the rest of the computer. Most county dumps or transfer stationsRead More »