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Dust Kills the Computer

This computer was only 2 1/2 years old, and it failed prematurely. That could have been avoided had it been maintained at least annually and had the dust cleaned out. The heat sink cools the processor (the brains of the computer), and it requires a good, clean airflow. If youRead More »

Using Password Managers

Passwords managers are wonderful, But if you use them too long you forget your passwords. In the event you have to replace or reload the os, you may not remember them anymore. Therefore it is important to document user ids, passwords and security question answers. So in the event ofRead More »

Limit your data exposure using windows 10

Windows 10 divulges a lot of info to Microsoft. Thing like your shopping habits. Your browsing activity.  Click Here to read an article to limit your exposure.

Replace your computer before it fails

Pay attention to your computer. There are signs telling you a failure is eminent. Slow response, noises it never made before, Freeze ups, Blue screen of death. This may be fixable. But can be a failing of the hardware. Longer bootup and shutdown times. If you are getting these signsRead More »

Document your computer system

It is very important to document your computer system. Even if you are not computer literate. If you hire someone to fix your system or add a device document the user id and password to access the device, changes in a password or anything related to your computer system. ThisRead More »